ISO 9001:2015

Are you ready to transition

This self-assessment questionnaire has been constructed as a simple multiple-choice checklist to help you check your readiness for certification to the new standard. Simply answer yes or no to the questions asked and at the end of the questionnaire, you will receive a report that clearly shows how you are progressing with implementing the new standard requirements.

The report will highlight your management systems' your overall readiness and the areas you need to focus on to ensure a successful transition. 

Take the questionnaire

Do you understand the new standard?

LRQA has produced a self-appraisal questionnaire to help you with the understanding and interpretation of the ISO 9001:2015. 

Simply complete the questionnaire, and by answering the questions honestly, you will gain an overview of your interpretation of the new standard to ensure you can effectively implement the changes.  

ISO 9001:2015 . . . check your understanding